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- See: Surgical Approach:

- K wires Insertion


      - these must be parallel to ea other in of long axis of ulna;
      - never cross K wires in TBW;
      - some surgeons angle the K wires obliquely-anteriorly & exit them thru anterior cortex near coronoid process;
            - if they are angled to far anteriorly, they may damage the joint;
      - it is clear that postoperative migration of K wires is common, and therefore the wires need to be firmly seated;
            - there is some indication that in patients w/ poor bone stock, that thicker K wires are less prone to migration;
      - correct insertion of wires is greatly eased if elbow is sl flexed and if cortex of olecranon is predrilled w/ 2.0 mm drill bit;
            - K wires should be 1.6 mm in diameter;
      - if they are thicker, they are difficult to bend;
      - one should aim parallel to the subcutaneous border of the ulna;

- Anchoring of K Wires:
    - performed after wires have been tensioned;
    - K wires need to be bent 180 deg and firmly seated flush into the cortex of the olecranon

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