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- Supplied: 1-2 amps of D50W (25-50 gm glucose); 
- Cautions: 
- nutritional support solutions infused peripherally are usually limited to 10-12.5% Dextrose because infusion of more hypertonic solutions into peripheral veins can result in phlebitis or severe infiltration sequelae; 
- Peds: 
- w/ Dextrose concentrations of 10-12.5% adequate calories for preterm neonates can be provided peripherally if the patient can tolerate large fluid loads and maximum doses of fat emulsion;

- Rx begins w/ 10 gm/kg/day of dextrose in older infants and children; 
- increases of 5 gm/kg/q12-24 hrs upto 30gm/kg/day may be made if there is a central venous access and normal glucose tolerance; 
- neonates may not tolerate large amounts of glucose initially & are at risk for hyperosmolar coma as result of hyperglycemia; 
- note: infants have lower renal threshold for glucose