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Disaster Preparedness Toolbox

DT MedSurg, LLC (a Data Trace company), with educational support provided by Stryker, presents the launch of 
a new initiative, The Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Toolbox
featuring the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS)
The Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Toolbox
As a civilian orthopaedic surgeon you may never need to manage more than one level-one trauma situation at a time or never have to face a natural or man-made disaster. If, however, these situations do occur, will you know how to most efficiently and effectively save lives with the limited resources at hand?

Consider recent events like 9/11, the earthquake in Haiti, and the disastrous flooding in Afghanistan. Events such as these called to service our Nation’s military forces and the subsequent care of the wounded have led to advances in combat casualty care. The mission of the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS) is to provide a forum for the interchange of medical knowledge as it relates to the practice of orthopaedics in the military. Attending to our wounded warriors is our most sacred task and the lessons learned in caring for the Nation’s finest may benefit all those who care for the victims of disaster and war.

The Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Toolbox brings together the combined experience and knowledge of the SOMOS membership in the care of the combat wounded as it applies to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. When faced with a large number of injured civilians in the austere environment of natural disaster and conflict, disaster preparedness training will assist you with providing orthopaedic care when faced with limited resources.

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Materials and editorial support for The Disaster Preparedness Toolbox is provided by SOMOS Education Representatives Lt Col Ky Kobayashi, MD and Col. Benjamin Kam, MD.