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Ligamentous Injuries in Tibial Plateau Frxs

- See: Tibial Plateau Frx MenuRim Fractures

- Ligaments:
    - 60% of plateau frx will have ligamentous instability;
    - MCL accounted for 55%, LCL injuries for 22%, & combined cruciate & collateral injuries for 23% of lesions.
    - these may have poor prognosis;

- Exam:
    - w/ isolated plateau frx, significant widening of the opposite joint line, should not occur;

- Radiographs:
    - look for widening of joint space (indicates collat. lig disruption);

- Treatment:
    - according to Rasmussen, surgery is indicated for tibial plateau frx, along w/ varus or valgus instability of 10 deg or more w/ knee flexed 20 deg

Ligament injuries associated with tibial plateau fractures.

[Ligamentous Lesions Associated with Fractures of the Tibial Plateau.]