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Dynamization of External Fixator

- Discussion:
      - most effective way to reduce pin bone stress and motion
      - dynamization compensates for fragment end resorption;
      - failure to adjust the fixator for maximum maintenance of fragment contact can leave the fracture surfaces fixed apart;

- Technique:
      - adjust fixator to obtain good fragment apposition;
      - apply compression across the fracture site & maintain stability thru application of gentle axial compression every few weeks;
      - once frx shows evidence of healing consider loosening frame construct to allow controlled motion at the fracture site;
             - frame is weakened by taking off top set of pin clamps or moving pin clamps further from the tibial shaft;
             - fixator should be left on until fracture is non mobile, non painful, and radiographically healed;
      - once sufficient callus is present, fixator is removed and treatment is completed with a cast or brace;
      - if early fibular healing occurs, fibulectomy should be performed to permit impaction of the tibial fragment

- Reverse Dynamization:
      - changing from low stiffness to high stiffness after fourteen days
      - effect markedly increased the healing compared with constant low, medium, or high-stiffness fixators

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