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References for Cervical Spine

- References: Fractures of the Cervical spine:

Current Concepts Review.  The Status of Arthrodesis of the Cervical Spine.

Traumatic and Degenerative Lesions of the Cervical Spine--Symposium: Care of the Multiply Injured Patient With Cervical Spine Injury.

Origin of the uncus and of Luschka's joint in the cervical spine.

Pyogenic osteomyelitis of the occiput, the atlas, and the axis. A report of five cases.

Occipitocervical fusion. Indications, technique, and long-term results in thirteen patients.

One-stage anterior cervical decompression and posterior stabilization with circumferential arthrodesis. A study of twenty-four patients who
    had a traumatic or a neoplastic lesion

Instability of the cervical spine after decompression in patients who have Arnold-Chiari malformation.

Treatment of tumors of the cervical spine.

Subaxial injuries.

Congenital anomalies of the cervical spine.

Hyperextension-dislocation of the cervical spine

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy in cervical spinal cord injury patients.

Congenital spine deformities. A review of 47 cases.

Year Book: Whiplash Injuries. A Trial of Early Management.

A biomechanical analysis of decompression and reconstruction methods in the cervical spine. Emphasis on a carbon-fiber-composite cage.

Nerve root recovery in complete injuries of the cervical spine.

Cervical spinal cord injury in children.

The epidemiologic, pathologic, biomechanical, and cinematographic analysis of football-induced cervical spine trauma.

Spear tackler's spine. An entity precluding participation in tackle football and collision activities that expose the cervical spine to axial
 energy inputs

The Nicolas Andry Award. The pathomechanics and pathophysiology of cervical spinal cord injury.

Year Book: Outcome After Soft-Tissue Injury of the Cervical Spine: A Prospective Study of 93 Car-Accident Victims.

Compression injuries of the cervical spine: A biomechanical analysis 

Isolated congenital cervical block vertebrae below the axis with neurological symptoms 

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