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Joint Depression Calcaneal Fracture

- Discussion:
      - there is a transverse fracture in the coronal calcaneal plane that occurs between the posterior facet and the Achilles insertion;
            - hence, the secondary fracture line extends from crucial angle of Gissane to posterior border of calaneus, exiting on superior surface of calcaneus (posterior to posterior margin of posterior facet);
            - the posterior facet is driven in an inferior directioin;
            - the medial portion of the posterior facet can remain continuous w/ the anterior and middle facets;
      - frx fragments:
            - sustentacular fragment: (contains posterior articular facet)
            - tuberosity fragment;
            - semilunar fragment: (contains lateral portion of posterior articular fragment);
            - lateral wall blow out occurs in some cases;
            - comminution anterior to the angle of Gissane is often mild

Pathoantomy of intra-articular articular fractures of the calcaneus.

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