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Cartilage Growth

- Discussion: growth involves either or both of two processes;
     - Appositional Growth:
            - new cartilage is formed at cartilage surface by cells derived from chondroblasts of perichondrium;
            - w/ maturation, majority of cartilage growth is primarily appositional;
     - Interstitial Growth:
            - increase in internal mass of cartilage by activity of chondrocytes that multiply within their lacunae;
    - in mature cartilage, cellular turnover rate is exceedingly low;
    - protein polysaccharide undergoes constant synthesis and degraded

Metatropic dwarfism. Uncoupling of endochondral and perichondral growth.

Characterization of aggregating proteoglycans from the proliferative, maturing, hypertrophic, and calcifying zones of the cartilaginous physis.

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