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Transient Phalangeal Osteolysis (Microgeodic Disease)

- Discussion:
    - condition which is associated with swelling, erythema, and pain in fingers;
          - the middle phalanx is affect most often (distal phalanx rarely involved);
    - most often affects children but can affect adults;
    - condition may be more common during the winter months;
    - radiographs of fingers may show rarefication and small radiolucent spots in the metaphyseal region, sclerosis, and bone widening;
           - usually does not show periostitis;
    - natural history is most often benign and symptoms improve within 2 months;

- Diff Dx:
    - tuberculous osteitis
    - sarcoidosis


Transient Phalangeal Osteolysis (Microgeodic Disease). Report of a case involving the foot.