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Rolando’s fracture

- See:
     - Anatomy of CMC joint
     - Bennett's Fracture
     - Thumb Fractures / Dislocations

- Discussion:
    - described in 1910 by Dr. Rolando;
    - involves 3 part frx at base of metacarpal;
    - in addition to volar lip frx (as seen w/ Bennett's frx), there is also large dorsal frag, resulting in Y or T shaped intra-articular frx;
    - frx is a comminuted intra-articular frx at base of thumb metacarpal, even if Y or T is not present;
    - frx is uncommon but has a worse prognosis than a Bennet's frx;

- Radiographs

- Treatment:
    - non operative treatment:
         - may be indicated in highly comminuted frx
         - mold in thumb spica for three to four weeks & then begin ROM;
    - surgical treatment:
         - indicated for presence of large volar and dorsal fragments amenable to fixation;
         - 2.5 cm transverse incision made over radial aspect of thumb metacarpal base;
         - dorsal sensory branches of radial nerve are identified & protected;
         - EPB & APL are identified & retracted;
         - radial artery is protected and retracted ulnarly;
         - by traction of thumb metacarpal, trapezial frx is visualized & reduced;
         - frx reduction is maintained w/ K wire;
         - if radial fragment is large consider using 2.0-mm cortical lag screw may be used, similar to fixation for Bennett frx;
         - if only 0.028-inch K wires are used to secure trapezial frx, immobilization is required for six weeks

Rolando's fracture of the first metacarpal. Treatment by external fixation.

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Rolando's fracture.

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