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RA: Tendon Ruptures of the Thumb

- See:
  - Flexor Pollicis Longus Rupture
  - Extensor Pollicis Longus Rupture

- Disscussion:
    - rupture of EPL tendon is most common, usually occuring in the 3rd compartment in the area of Lister's tubercle;
    - rupture of FPL usually occurs in carpal area and must be considered in dx of hyperextension deformity of IP joint of thumb;

- Chronic EPL Rupture:
    - when treated months or years after injury, tendon transfer is required;
    - extensor indicis proprius is transfer of choice since it is independently innervated & has similar amplitude to EPL;
    - ECRL is an alternative choice;
           - requires dissection from extensor compartment upto musculo-tendinous junction