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Pyogenic Granuloma

- Discusison:
    - lesion should not be confused ith pyoderma gangrenosum;
    - it is not primarily a true infection;
    - an acquired vascular lesion lesion which may follow a laceration or skin puncture;
    - lesions may be found in oral mucosa and in the hands;
    - may be partly to to low virulence infection;
    - associated w/ oral contraceptives and pregnancy;
    - due to rapid growth (up to 1 cm) the lesion may resemble malignant skin tumor;
    - lesion is raised, red, and friable;
    - must be differentiated from melanoma, (esp amelanotic melanoma)

- Treatment:
    - cauterization w/ silver nitrate, cautery, curettage, laser removal

The efficacy of silver nitrate cauterization for pyogenic granuloma of the hand

Histological examination demonstrates both granulation tissue and inflammatory cells. The lesions range from one millimeter to one centimeter in diameter. They may develop spontaneously or follow an untreated laceration. There is an initial period of rapid growth, which may be alarming and may lead to suspicion of a cutaneous malignant tumor.

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