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- Metacarpal Pin Insertion:
       - 2.7 mm drill is used for both cortices for 3.3 mm thread and 4 mm shank are used for most applications;
       - tapered screws should not be backed out, since they will loosen;
       - cortical screw: either: 4.5/3.5 thread diameter and 60/20, 70/20, or 80/30 mm overal thread lengths, or cortical screws w/ a 3.5/3.3 mm thread diameter;
       - each screw needs to engage the second cortex, w/ two or three screw threads protruding beyond the second cortex;
       - cancellous screws are used in epiphyseal region and cortical screws are used for diaphyseal bone;
       - thread length must be such that about 5 mm of thread will remain outside the entry cortex and about 2 mm beyond the far cortex;
       - fixator to be positioned so that it clears the skin by at least 1 cm