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Limb Development

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      - Anatomy of the Physis
      - Deformities
      - Enchondral Ossification
      - Longitudinal Growth:
      - Pediatric Bone Circulation
      - Salter Harris

- Discussion:
    - at about the 4th week of development, paired upper and lower limb buds appear;
          - the upper limb bud appears at day 25-27;
          - at approx 47 days when the joints of the hand develop;
          - the lower limb bud appears at day 27-29;
    - each limb bud onsists of mesenchyme covered by ectoderm of lateral body wall;
    - mesenchyme of the limb bud derives from lateral body wall, & some if it migrated into limb bud from adjacent somites;
    - development of lower limb lags behind the upper limb;
    - limb buds bend ventrally at sites of future elbows and knees, leaving these structures pointing laterally while the palms and soles facing 
    - upper limbs then undergo external rotation while lower limb undergo internal rotation

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