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Hypoplastic Thumb

- See:
      - Absent Thumb
      - Pouce Flottant Thumb

- Discussion:
    - hypoplastic thumb is usually short, spindly, and malpositioned;
    - sometimes it is placed distally and radially on hand, & usually web space is narrow or extends distally;
    - most often there is deficiency of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles;
    - osseous structures are also hypoplastic;
    - there may be fairly normal metacarpal with absent muscles, or the hand may have a very shortened metacarpal with almost no muscles;
    - individual phalanges of the thumb may be absent, small, or misshapen;

- Associated Anomalies:
    - hypoplastic first metacarpal may be an isolated or familial anomaly;
    - renal, skeletal, central nervous system, cardiovascular, GI, ear, palate, lip, face, genital, pulmonary, ophthalmologic, thalidomide 
            ingestion, mandibular facial dysostosis, trisomy 18, & thrombocytopenia;
    - hypoplastic slender first metacarpal can be present in the Holt-Oram syndrome, Fanconi's anemia, Cornelia de Lange's syndrome,
            diastrophic dwarfism, hand-footuterus syndrome, and myositis ossificans progressiva;
    - Holt-Oram syndrome is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait;
            - atrial septal defects and thumb abnormalities are commonly reported in association;
    - several syndromes are associated with the hypoplastic thumb, including radial club hand;
    - pollex abductus:
            - references:
                  - Pollex abductus in hypoplasia and duplication of the thumb.

- Treatment:
    - treatment is based on the severity of the deformity;
    - short thumb w/ hypoplastic thenar muscles: consider augmentation of intrinsics;
    - w/ hypoplasty thenar muscles and adducted thumb MCP consider soft tissue Z plasty;
    - deficient metacarpal: augment/bone graft or consider pollicization;
    - pouce flottant thumb
    - absent thumb

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