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FDS Laceration

- See:
      - Zone I injuries
      - Zone II injuries
      - Zone III injuries
      - Zone IV and Zone V:

- Discussion:
     - FDS serves as an isolated activator of middle phalanx;
     - function is determined by holding adjacent phalanges in extension so that flexor profundi cannot move;
     - this is works for index & long fingers & usually ring finger;
     - little finger should be tested by simultaneously flexing ring finger, since little finger may have a single muscle belly w/ tendons 
           to each of digits;
     - Advantages of Superficialis Repair:
            - repaired FDS increases digit strength;
            - improved flexion at PIP joints
            - preserves short vincula which provides blood supply to FDP and improves healing potential;
            - acts as pulley for repaired profunda that provides improved excursion and strength;
            - intact FDS prevents PIP hyperextension and DIP hyperflexion;
     - Indications for FDS Sacrifice:
            - when tendon repair requires sacrifice of pulleys
            - when both tendons are lacerated & need to be immobilized at same level;

- Post Operative Care: