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Dorsal Articular Lip Frx: (Dorsal Barton’s)

- Discussion:
    - dorsal rim frxs usually result from a fall on the outstretched hand;
    - proximal carpal row impacts against the dorsal lip of the articular surface of the radius, which fracture in compression and displaces proximally and dorsally;
    - volar radiocarpal ligaments fail in tension, and dorsal dislocation of the carpus may occur;
    - often Dorsal Barton's Frx will frequently occur along w/ Radial Styloid Frx;

- Treatment:
    - most of the time, this fracture will require open reduction to ensure congruity of the radiocarpal joint;
    - attempt to perform fixation with K wires or screws;
    - dorsal plates should be avoided, because tenosynovitis can occur in closely apposed extensor tendons

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