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Malleolar Screws

- Discussion:
    - malleolar screws with cortex thread, shaft & trocar tip have limited use in the metaphyseal area, distal humerus, trochanteric area, &
         sometimes in the ankle, where the bone is rather dense;
    - malleolar scew has a smooth shaft and is partially threaded;
    - trephine tip allows insertion w/o tapping, and in osteoporotic bone sometimes even without predrilling the cancellous bone;
    - because cortex screw thread profile it has, however, rather poor hold;
    - designed as a lag screw to be used in medial malleolar frxs, but due to its rather large diameter and large screw head, the smaller
         cancellous bone screws have taken its place in this area;
    - malleolar screws may find its place in frx of the distal humerus, or the lesser trochanter