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Growth Abnormalities in Amputation Stumps in Children


- See: Pediatric BKA:

- Overgrowth Phenomena:
    - occurs as a result of appositional growth (not physeal growth);
    - in order of frequency it occurs in the: humerus, fibula, tibia, and femur;

- AKA:
    - hemiatrophy of pelvis associated with coxa valga and elongation of lesser trochanter; femur and ilium usually smaller than on normal side;
    - overgrowth of bone in relation to the skin;

- Below Elbow Amputation:
    - pincerlike contour from overgrowth of radius in relation to ulna
    - tilting of proximal radial epiphysis may occur;
    - overgrowth of ulna with subcutaneous projection;

- Terminal BEA:
    - is the most common congenital amputation;
    - use of a passive device at 3-6 months for unilateral UE amputations (fit when they sit);

- Above Elbow Amputation:
    - humeral Varus;
    - overgrowth of humerus in relation to skin, causing subcutaneous projection;

- Children: Disarticulations:
    - deficient growth in residual limb (growth discrepancy) will convert anatomic disarticulation to the next highest level;
    - ankle disarticulation becomes functional AK, etc, if child is young;
    - for older child, consider epiphyseal arrest (eg distal femur), at just right time to give 1 or 2 inches of shortening;
    - what appears to be a very long above the knee amputation is a small child can result in a very short limb that is actually difficult to
           fit w/ a prosthesis at skeletal maturity;

- Misc: it is important to take out periosteum below the area of osteotomy

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