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Cad Cam Socket

- Discussion:
    - AKA - NSNA, Cat-Cam, with a narrower medial - lateral designs will share load w/ gluteal structures & greater trochanteric;
          - ischium and the ramus are contained within the socket of these newer, more anatomic, and more functional designs;
    - narrow medial-lateral above knee socket designs attempt to solve the problems of quadrilateral socket by contouring posterior wall to set 
          the ischium down inside the socket, not up on brim;
    - wt is transferred to the gluteal muscle mass and lateral thigh instead of the ischium;
    - eliminates need for anterior pressure from high anterior wall;
    - attention is then focused on a narrow medial lateral contour to attempt to better hold the femur in adduction, and to minimize the relative 
          motion between the limb and the socket

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