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Staph aureus: Nasal Carriage

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     - S. epidermidis
     - S. aureus

- Discussion:
       - about 20 % of people almost always carry a strain of staph aureus, and approximately 60 % harbor S. aureus on an intermittent basis;
       - in the study by von Eiff C, et al, isolates from blood and from nasal specimens to determine whether theorganisms in the bloodstream originated from the patient's own flora;
              - swabs for culture were obtained from the anterior nares of 219 patients with S. aureus bacteremia;
              - total of 723 isolates were collected and genotyped;
              - in a second study, 1,640 S. aureus isolates from nasal swabs from 1278 patients were collected over a period of five years and then compared with isolates from the blood of patients who subsequently had S. aureus bacteremia;
              - blood isolates were identical to those from the anterior nares in 180 of 219 patients (82.2 %)'
              - 14 of 1,278 patients who had nasal colonization with S. aureus subsequently had S. aureus bacteremia'
                      - in 12 of these 14 patients (86 percent), the isolates obtained from the nares were clonally identical to the isolates obtained from blood 1 day to 14 months later;
              - the authors noted substantial proportion of cases of S. aureus bacteremia appear to be of endogenous origin since they originate from colonies in the nasal mucosa.

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