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Ferrous Sulfate and Gluconate

- Discussion:
    - for iron defficiency anemia;
    - adult: 300mg PO qd/tid with meals;
    - will turn stools and urine dark; can cause GI upset; con-stipation;
    - sulfate form contains more elemental iron per dosage unit than gluconate (some tolerate gluconate better);
    - peds: prophylaxis: 1mg/kg/24hrs in single or divided dose;
    - treatment: 6mg/kg/24hr in three divided doses;
    - supplied: Fe sulfate as tablets: 195 mg, 300 mg, 325 mg; SR capsules 150 mg;
    - ferrous gluconate: tabs: 300mg, 320mg, 325mg,; caps: 86mg, 325mg, 435mg;
    - tabs: SR 525mg

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The effect of oral iron supplementation on erythropoiesis in autologous blood donors [see comments.]

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