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Cultures and Gm Staining of Synovial Fluid

- Discussion:
    - Cx & Gram's staining are obligatory when infection is suspected.
    - Definitive diagnostic test is either the demonstration of bacteria by Gram's stain, usually best seen on a concentrated sediment of centrifuged synovial fluid, or the
              recovery of bacteria from the synovial-fluid culture;
    - Gram's stains are positive in approx 75 % of pts w/ staphylococcal infections & 50% of those w/ gram-neg bacilli, but in < 25 % of  pts w/ GC;
    - Synovial-fluid culture is positive in almost all pts w/ nongonococcal bacterial arthritis, unless they have recently been taking ATBs;
    - Aerobic and anaerobic cultures should be routinely grown whenever joint is aspirated;
              - fluid should be promptly transported to microbiology laboratory;
    - Gm-positive bacteria can be seen on well-prepared slide of cx- positive fluids approx 80 % of time;
              - Gram Positive Bacilli
              - Gram Positive Cocci
    - Gm-negative bacteria are seen less frequently, & N. gonorrhoeae rarely seen;
              - Gram Negative Bacilli
              - Gram Neg Cocci
              - Neiserria Gonnorhea:
              - unfortunately, GC is recovered in < 50% of purulent joints in pts w/ suspected disseminated GC infection;
              - although this may be related to stringent growth requirements of GC, there is evidence that viable organisms may not be prerequisite for continued synovitis in disseminated GC;
              - special stains & Cx for mycobacteria & fungi are sometimes needed

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